Why we think we are better than all other Maryland Consumer Bankruptcy Law Firms

Yes, that might sound like a strange question, and it also might sound like I am full of myself. Here is the answer. My dad always taught me that hard work pays off. For more than 20 years I have been working to establish the most efficient and affordable consumer bankruptcy firm in Maryland while at the same time achieving the same or better results than all other firms.

There are three phases to your bankruptcy case. The first is your initial contact. I strive to provide quickest and most thorough response of any Maryland consumer bankruptcy lawyer. If you call me at midnight, I will call you back at 12:02. If you e-mail me during the day, I will call you back immediately. If you would like an appointment in the evening or on the weekend, I’ll do it. If you call during business hours, we have a whole host of people who can help answer all of your questions. Not within 24 hours. Not within 1 hour. Immediately. We know that it sometimes takes a lot to get up the nerve to call a bankruptcy lawyer. It is difficult and sometimes embarrassing, believe me, we get it. But because we understand it, we treat you like you need to be treated. We treat you with respect and patience. All client’s are different. Some like to talk and talk and talk, and that’s fine. Some get right to the point, and of course that is fine too. You take the lead, and we will base our answers on your needs and expectations. Our experience of filing thousands of cases and talking to literally tens of thousands of people about their bankruptcy situations provides us with the knowledge and understanding to make your call a productive one, regardless of whether or not you decide to file.

So call or e-mail now, let me prove to you why we are the best.

The second phase is properly and efficiently handling your case for you. Our staff is amazing. Lindsay Darnes answers the phone and manages each and every file. She will always have all of your information at her fingertips and she has knowledge and friendly as can be. Quite frankly she is the heart and soul of our customer service and receives compliments literally on a daily basis.

Kenny Brayboy is our chief paralegal, responsible for preparing all bankruptcy petitions. Kenny has worked with me for 13 years and has probably prepared more bankruptcy petitions than most, of not all, other paralegals in the state of Maryland. He is a perfectionist, and that’s what you need.

At the Maryland Bankruptcy Center we always check our work over and over again before it is filed with the bankruptcy Court. Stacy Rogan is our top attorney. She has successfully filed thousands of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions for more than 12 years. She checks each and every bankruptcy petition before it is filed with the bankruptcy court. She loves the law and gets great satisfaction by helping Maryland residents discharge their debts. She is one of the best consumer bankruptcy lawyers in the state of Maryland. If you come with us, you are lucky to have her on your side.

Finally, the third phase, Court. Once we file your bankruptcy petition with the court, depending on whether or not it’s a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you will have one or two hearings at the Courthouse. We will be with you. We will guide you and explain everything to you. We will represent you to our fullest and we do a very good job. In 2012, we had zero, that’s right, zero, Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions denied.

I am proud of what we do, and as I said, I think we do a better job than all other consumer bankruptcy firms in Maryland. Our goal is to represent as many people who truly need to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy as we can.

It’s a win-win. Call us today for your free consultation, you’ll see what I mean.