When Should I Talk to A Bankruptcy Attorney?

Through my national bankruptcy connections I recently became friends with Quinton Pelley, one of the premier bankruptcy attorneys in the state of Texas. He was kind enough to share with me some great articles/blogs that he has written in the bankruptcy field for potential bankruptcy filers. I think that this one is excellent, so I am sharing it with you. If you are searching for a bankruptcy attorney to help you through this most difficult process, contact us today.

No two debt situations are the same. However, since we have been helping people resolve their debt problems since 1991, we have noticed quite a few patterns. We know that you did not choose to be in this position. We also know that you were probably forced into your debt situation because of one or more of the following: Loss of job, reduction in income, death, divorce, someone got sick, ridiculously high interest rates, the bad economy, or some other similar life changing event. Life happens. Now you need to make the right decision to get past these events and prepare for the future.

Generally speaking, any one of the following warning signs is a red flag that you are too deep in debt to get out of it without professional help, and you need to speak with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer immediately:

1) You have credit card debt, and are not able to comfortably make more than double the minimum monthly payment;
2) You are behind on your house, and are facing foreclosure;
3) You are behind on your car, and are facing possible repossession or have recently experienced a repossession;
4) You have been sued, or are in danger of being sued;
5) You already have a judgment against you;
6) You have missed payments on a credit card due to not having enough money to make the minimum payment;
7) You have a business that did not work as envisioned originally, and the business has too much debt;
8) You have even considered taking out a loan against your home to pay off credit card debt (for your family’s sake, please do not do that before you talk to us);
9) You have even considered taking out a loan from your retirement plan to pay off credit card debt;
10) You have high unpaid medical bills or signature loans;
11) You tried Obama’s home modification program and it did not work;
12) You have had a home foreclosed on or car repossessed in the past;
13) You have broken leases, old repossessions, or old debts and you still owe on the deficiencies;
14) You have even considered taking out a pay day loan;
15) You have a large amount of IRS tax arrears;
16) You have even considered debt consolidation;
17) You have recently experienced a job loss and are thinking about relying on your savings or retirement to pay the minimum payments on your credit card bills hoping that you will find another job soon (another terrible idea for your family);
18) You are receiving harassing phone calls from debt collectors or credit card companies;
19) You fear or are experiencing garnishment;
20) You are worried about potentially losing your property to a lien.

Our bankruptcy lawyers have extensive experience handling Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy cases for clients throughout the State of Maryland. We do not pigeonhole everyone and push people into bankruptcy. We discuss both peoples’ non-bankruptcy and bankruptcy debt relief options and leave it to the client as to how they wish to proceed after we make a recommendation

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David L. Ruben, Esquire