Welcome to the Bankruptcy Center Blog

This is the first post on the Maryland Bankruptcy Center bankruptcy information blog.  My name is David L. Ruben.  I am an attorney in the state of Maryland and have recently created this website and other websites for a couple of reasons.   I started the Maryland Bankruptcy Center, a Maryland business owned and operated by attorneys who assist Maryland residents to file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Our goal is twofold.  First we want reach out to as many potential client’s as possible so that we can help anyone in Maryland struggling to pay their bills, including their mortgage, rent, credit cards, medical bills or any other types of bills that they may have.

We are hopeful that Maryland residents in need of bankruptcy services will find us on the web, contact us and let us take care of your problems.  That is what we do, and collectively Stacey Rogan and I have been handling bankruptcy matters for more than 20 years.

Our second goal is to educate the public on bankruptcy laws.  Statistics show that only 30% of people who need bankruptcy and are entitled to file actually file.  Usually that is not because they don’t want to, it is because they aren’t aware of their rights.  The banks and the car companies have been bailed out and given a fresh start.  Many celebrities have filed bankruptcy (did you know that Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy once?) and have landed on their feet.  We want to educate the public by teaching that there is nothing wrong with filing bankruptcy, in fact, the government encourages it in many situations!

So welcome to our blog.  Stacey Rogan and I are hoping to post something interesting, insightful and informative at least once a week.  And if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to give us a call or e-mail us anytime.

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