The Secrets You Need For Personal Bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy, also known as Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, is a simple process.  It is the process by which you ask the United States Bankruptcy Court to order your creditors to close out your accounts forever, thereby eliminating your debt and giving you a fresh start.

When you use our firm, the process usually starts with a phone call to an attorney, usually me.  Unlike most attorneys, who just want to get you in the office and sell you a bill of goods, I will ask you questions on the phone and give you an assessment of your situation immediately.  If we determine that personal bankruptcy is the right thing for you to do, I will tell you how much I charge and schedule an appointment.  Because our fees our less than most, the large majority of people who call us usually schedule and appointment and end up using our services.  We are pleased to say that nearly everyone who has used our firm in the past several years has been very happy with our customer service, not to mention that their worries and burdens of overwhelming debt were relieved once they walked in our door.

Once you come, we will ask you to provide us documentation (tax returns, paystubs, etc,) and fill out a questionnaire about yourself and your financial situation.  We need to know how much you earn, how much you spend, what assets you have and what debts you have.  With that information, we prepare your bankruptcy petition, which is ultimately signed by you and filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court.  Once you retain our services with any amount of money, you can refer your creditors to us.  Once we actually file the petition with the court and get you a case number, your creditors will close out your account.  If you are being garnished or foreclosed upon, that process stops as soon as you file with the court.

In a Chapter 7, the court process is about 120 days, at which time all of your debts are “discharged” and the case is closed.  You no longer owe the debt and you begin immediately to rebuild your credit.  In a Chapter 13, you make Plan payments over 5 years to pay back all or a portion of your debt, depending on the circumstances.

We represent you through every step of the process.

If you are considering filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, call us today for your free consultation.