09 Jul 2019

Bankruptcy And Health Savings Accounts

Debt often starts to pile up slowly – it can come about from the loss of a job, divorce, excessive credit card expenditures or unexpected medical bills. But debt is rarely static. If left unattended, it will continue to compound and grow over time and can quickly reach unfathomable proportions. When this occurs, bankruptcy may […]

Health insurance forms and hundred dollar bills. if you have an HSA, FSA or HRA account, you may be concerned that filing for bankruptcy will put those accounts at risk.
07 Jun 2019

Filing For Bankruptcy As A Union Employee

It’s easy for financial setbacks that start as small issues to grow over time until they really spiral out of control. Medical bills, home and automobile repairs and expenses associated with growing children and aging parents can add up to debts that you can’t get out from under. Bankruptcy can be a very practical option […]

Bus driver sitting in his bus on tour
02 May 2019

Can I Lose My Social Security If I File For Bankruptcy?

  Despite best efforts, sometimes circumstances that are well beyond our control result in an overwhelming amount of accumulated debt. High medical deductibles associated with unexpected health issues, such as a prolonged illness, a newly diagnosed chronic condition or a surgery resulting from a fall, along with the ever increasing cost of prescription medications can […]

Concerned senior reviewing finances. Seniors who receive Social Security benefits often worry if filing for bankruptcy will affect their ability to receive disbursements
05 Apr 2019

Filing For Bankruptcy If You Work In Finance

Life is full of surprises and unexpected events and sometimes, despite our best planning, it can get the better of us. A divorce, a lawsuit, an accident or extended illness that results in high medical bills can translate to rapidly growing, accumulated debt. Bankruptcy is a legal process that is available in these types of […]

Financial advisors reviewing a portfolio.
02 Apr 2019

How to Stop Creditors from Calling

How to stop creditors from calling, what is an Automatic Stay? Are you being hounded by phone calls from creditors? Are your wages being garnished? Is your bank account on the verge of being seized? Are you subject to a lawsuit or foreclosure? These are common stressful situations that we hear from potential bankruptcy clients […]

04 Mar 2019

Can You File Bankruptcy Again?

While one may hope to only go through one financial crisis during his or her lifetime, that may unfortunately end up being wishful thinking. Imagine that you suffered from an illness or lost a job and filed for bankruptcy to get a fresh start. What happens if another unexpected financial crisis arises and you need […]

04 Mar 2019

When You Can Discharge Income Tax Debt in Bankruptcy

When you file for bankruptcy, you may be able to wipe away income tax debts depending on how old the tax debt is. Bankruptcy law lays out specific rules for how old an income tax debt must be in order for it to be discharged along with a few additional requirements. Timing Rule 1: Tax […]

22 Feb 2019

The Pitfalls Of Filing For Bankruptcy Without An Attorney

Between 2005 and 2017, close to 13 million bankruptcy petitions were filed with the U.S. courts, and this number is only expected to grow. There are a number of reasons that people seek to reorganize their finances through bankruptcy, from overwhelming healthcare costs, to job loss, to divorce or high mortgage payments in a devalued […]

Baltimore bankruptcy attorney in a law office
28 Dec 2018

Filing For Bankruptcy As A Firefighter Or EMT

Are you a firefighter or EMT who is dealing with a huge burden of debt? Financial difficulties can be extremely stressful, and your high-pressure job requires that you be alert and focused 100% of the time – lives depend on it. Depending on your situation, filing for bankruptcy can be a practical and expedient way […]

Filing for bankruptcy as a firefighter or EMT
27 Nov 2018


When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must tell the court what you intend to do with your debts that are secured by personal property.  For many Chapter 7 bankruptcy filers, this decision comes up in the context of their car loans. Ordinarily, the debtor has three options. The first option with Chapter 7 […]