Filing For Bankruptcy As A Police Officer – What You Should Know

Filing For Bankruptcy As A Police OfficerDo you work in law enforcement or are you considering police work? Do you also have debt problems? There are strict laws against discriminating against anyone for having a history of bankruptcy or bad credit. However, when it comes to filing for bankruptcy as a police officer, there are some issues that you should be aware of. Let’s find out more.
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Transparency Is Important

If you have bad credit or are considering bankruptcy, full transparency is critical. If the bankruptcy court – or your employer – discovers that you are intentionally trying to hide something, this will be held against you. Still, what you must disclose and when you should inform your employer could impact your situation. Since timing is important, do your best to understand the entire process of filing for bankruptcy beforehand.   

Importance Of Good Legal Counsel

Even though integrity should be important in every career, it’s emphasized even more in the world of law enforcement. Although declaring bankruptcy or having bad credit doesn’t have any bearing on your integrity, your employer may feel otherwise. If your employer suspects that your financial situation may affect your job performance, then your job could be in jeopardy. In such cases, it’s advisable to have an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in your corner.

Job Type And Security Clearance

Not all law enforcement jobs emphasize financial history equally. For example, a local township might not have very strict requirements, while a federal agent with special security clearance may be held to higher standards. Government agency jobs typically require a credit check in addition to a criminal background check. Again, especially for positions that require security clearance, credit history can sometimes influence hiring decisions.

Steps You Can Take To Make A Difference

Whether you are concerned about your current law enforcement job or are in the process of applying for a new position, the steps you take to fix your financial problems can make a big difference. Hundreds of thousands of people file for bankruptcy every year. No two situations are exactly alike. Employers take this into account, and positive steps to resolve your finances may allow you to stay employed.
The worst thing you can do is ignore the problem and hope it goes unnoticed. There are legal processes designed to resolve difficult financial situations and protect your rights. Bankruptcy is a legitimate, legal way to get back on track financially.
So remember:

  • Every situation or application is considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Steps you take to resolve your situation are considered in your favor
  • Bankruptcy or bad credit does not mean automatic job loss or disqualification
  • Experienced legal counsel can help guide the process

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