Drowning in Debt – Bad………Bankruptcy – Good

Hey folks.  I’ve decided that my goal in life (well, at least in my professional life as it pertains to my bankruptcy law practice), is to make the word “bankruptcy” a “good” word, rather than a “bad” word.  “Bad” words can never be good.   Illness, discrimination, death, taxes………those are never good words, they are always bad.  Bankruptcy, however, is usually considered a “bad” word, but it really shouldn’t.

Bankruptcy is really just another word for “second chance.”  And “second chance” is a good thing, right?  Personal Bankruptcy allows a person a “second chance” after they have, for whatever reason (except fraud), suffered financial difficulties.  Personal Bankruptcy helps hard working Americans get back on their feet.  Personal Bankruptcy eliminates, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, eliminates credit card debt, medical bills, judgements and can prevent foreclosures.  Personal Bankruptcy helps mothers and fathers once again be able to buy their children the things that they need. When children are hungry or are wearing clothes that do not keep them warm or do not fit, they have a much harder time in school.  When they don’t do well in school, they have a hard time getting into college and getting a good job.  And the cycle continues.

Personal Bankruptcy can break that cycle.  Think of it as the Federal Government saying “hey, we understand, you are over your head in debt due to no fault of your own, and we are here to help you get back on your feet.”    My dad always taught me to never look a gift horse in the mouth.  That means, I think, that if someone wants to give you something nice, take it without hesitation.  It means as much to them to give it as it means to you to take it.  So take it.  Personal Bankruptcy is available to every Maryland citizen who needs it.  Take it, use it, it’s waiting for you.  Bankruptcy is a good word, not a bad word.  Bankruptcy will help you, and your family, and the economy.  If you need more information on Maryland Bankruptcy, call or e-mail us today, we will help you get the help that you are entitled to.