Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Requirement

Before a case can be filed by an individual under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the individual must submit to a credit counseling session states Gurnee bankruptcy attorney. A credit counseling session is a one-hour session that can be done over the telephone or online whereby a credit counselor approved by the office of the executive trustees will basically interview the debtor and advise the debtor on particular topics concerning debt.

The purpose of the credit counseling is to see whether or not this person has the ability to enter into a debt management plan or whether or not bankruptcy is the best option. The cost for the credit counseling is approximately $25-$50 and it can be done very quickly over the telephone or online.

If you file a bankruptcy case without taking the credit counseling first, then your case may be dismissed or it may be determined to be void right from the outset. I will not file a bankruptcy case for a client unless they have completed the credit counseling and debt credit counseling must be completed within 180 days of the filing. I have had clients who have taken the credit counseling and that they did not move very quickly on their case and they wound up having to take the credit counseling again.

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David L. Ruben