On October 17, 2005, the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Reform Act became effective leading to important changes in Maryland bankruptcy laws.

The bankruptcy laws were enacted after great efforts by credit card companies and banks to make it more difficult for people to simply walk away from their debts. Now many people believe that they no longer can file for bankruptcy – but this is not true.

The American Bankruptcy Institute has estimated that over 96% of persons eligible for Chapter 7 under the old bankruptcy rules are STILL ELIGIBLE under the new bankruptcy law. With regard to Chapter 13 filings, that number is virtually 100%.

Yes, there are more hoops to jump through and the process involves some more paperwork (mainly on the part of the bankruptcy attorneys) but almost everyone still has the same ability to reduce or eliminate their debts as before the change.

You can still file for bankruptcy under the law

Solid legal counsel makes sure your case is processed correctly

An experienced attorney helps define and defend your rights

It's Important to Hire an Experienced Attorney

IT IS NOW MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER TO HIRE THE SERVICES OF AN EXPERIENCED BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY WHO KNOWS THE NEW LAWS. We cannot stress this enough. The new laws are filled with traps for the unwary. Poor representation is not only detrimental to your case, it can lead to case dismissal.

SIRODY & ASSOCIATES has unparalleled experience in bankruptcy law. Our firm includes former bankruptcy trustees and attorneys that have represented trustees.  This wide experience allows us to see the issues from all angles.

Let our experienced attorneys help defend your rights

Let our unique perspective be put to use to for you. We are able to solve our client’s debt problems in ways that other bankruptcy attorneys may not have even considered. We really do help you get the FRESH START YOU DESERVE!

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