Pasadena Bankruptcy Attorneys

Are you in need of a top-rated bankruptcy attorney? Pasadena bankruptcy attorneys at Maryland Bankruptcy Center are some the most popular attorneys for those filing bankruptcy in Pasadena and Anne Arundel Maryland. There is a good reason for this. If you are filing bankruptcy in Maryland, you want someone who:

  • Has a proven track record. In 2012, our bankruptcy lawyers in Pasadena, Maryland, had a 100 percent success rate.
  • Has years of experience. Our attorneys have filed over 3000 bankruptcy cases, the second in the state for filing bankruptcy in Maryland.
  • Is not new to the business. Maryland Bankruptcy Center, David L. Ruben, Esquire, has been in business since 1991.

Benefits of Using Pasadena Bankruptcy Attorneys

If you are suffering from harassing creditor calls, wage garnishment or foreclosure, bankruptcy lawyers in Pasadena, Maryland, can help you. They can provide an immediate discontinuance of:

  • Harassing creditor calls.
  • Wage garnishment.
  • Foreclosure proceedings.

Imagine what a relief that would be. Our Pasadena bankruptcy attorneys are nonjudgmental, professional and caring. They offer free consultation, low fees, payment plans with low down payments, and Saturday or evening appointments for your convenience.

Whatever the reason for the financial situation you may be in — loss of job, unemployment, divorce, death of a loved one, poor choices — it doesn’t matter. Know that you are not alone. Most people experience a financial crisis at some time in their life. You don’t have to suffer on your own. Filing bankruptcy does not carry the stigma it once did. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate debt altogether and give you a clean, fresh start. Chapter 13 can allow you to keep all of your property and pay your existing bills through a trustee, also giving you a fresh start at regaining your credit. The biggest benefit is the peace of mind that you will have knowing that you are back on track with your life.

Lawyers In Pasadena Maryland

Don’t hesitate. Call and speak with one of our Pasadena bankruptcy attorneys today at Maryland Bankruptcy Center, (410) 766-4044 or (301) 587-8900. Peace of mind may be closer than you think.