How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Credit?

Credit card companies and collection agencies are happy to let you think that you will not qualify for credit for seven to ten years following bankruptcy.  TThis is simply not true.  Consider the following:  A person filing bankruptcy is already in financial difficulty.  It is likely that, before considering bankruptcy, this person has already missed payments and accumulated past due notices and hits to their credit score.  they may already have pending lawsuits or judgments.  In short, their credit score is already very low.  Filing bankruptcy can become the first step in repairing their credit.

Bankruptcy will free you from debt and improve your debt-to-income ratio.  Debt-to-income ration is a key factor in qualifying for credit.  It can therefore increase your credit score.  It helps you start afresh financially and build a new credit rating.  An individual filing for bankruptcy who pays his bills on time for two years following a bankruptcy discharge can obtain an “A” credit rating, allowing him to get loans at very low credit rates.

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