How Long Does a Chapter 7 Maryland Bankruptcy Case Take?

Typically, chapter 7 bankruptcy cases last between three and four months from the date the case is filed. The preparation for a chapter 7 bankruptcy case can be anywhere between one day and many months depending on a number of factors, including attorneys fees, document readiness etc. This post will deal with the chapter 7 bankruptcy timeline after filing a case. For questions about what it takes to prepare a chapter 7 bankruptcy case, consult a bankruptcy attorney.

Rough Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case Timeline:

Day 1: Case Filed

Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases are filed electronically by a bankruptcy attorney, however, before this occurs, you will need to visit with your attorney to sign your petition and schedules after a thorough review. Soon after filing, your case will be assigned to a trustee and you will learn the date of your meeting of creditors (also called the “341 meeting”).

Day 30-40: Meeting of Creditors

Approximately thirty to forty days after the case has been filed, the debtor will be required to attend a creditors meeting. The creditors meeting is mandatory, failure to attend will result in a dismissal of the case. To learn more about the meeting of creditors see the following article:

What should I expect at the 341 meeting?

Day 60-70: Debtor Receives Discharge

Approximately sixty to seventy says after the meeting of creditors, the debtor will receive an order of the bankruptcy court, signed by the judge, which officially discharges his or her debts. For most debtors, this is the day they have been waiting for; the bankruptcy discharge wipes the slate clean giving them the chance at a fresh start unburdened by past debts.

Day 90-100: Chapter 7 Case Closed

Approximately three months after the chapter 7 bankruptcy case has been filed, it will be officially closed by the trustee.

Keep in mind that the scenarios described above deal with a typical chapter 7 bankruptcy case, in some cases, chapter 7 bankruptcy can take longer than the rough timeline outlined in this article.

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David L. Ruben, Esquire

Maryland Bankruptcy Center